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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Consequences of Grief

My family is falling apart. Since Dad's death some of us have gotten so much closer to each other. This is as it should be. We cling to one another because we can no longer cling to Dad and we want to.

Some siblings that were once incredibly close, even good friends, are barely even speaking to one another. The desire to see one another is gone. Perhaps it is because we have had the realization of how short life is bashed into our heads. Why should we spend time with a person we have little in common with. Shared blood is no longer enough apparently. We dislike each others friends/boyfriends/work/life choices, you name it, so why waste our precious time with these people? Is this how it should be? Is this how it shall be from now on?

Those of us that were already estranged no longer even pretend to want to speak or see one another ever again. Dad was the only thing we had in common and with him gone why pretend?

I hate death. I hate the consequences for those of us left behind.

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