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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day fun & crappy

We got a bit of winter weather this morning so my spanish class was canceled. The good news, I did not want to take my verb quiz & I got to go to Nevaeh's class Valentine's Day party. Grandma M was there too which made Neva super happy. Then mom (aka Grandma M) offered to keep Neva all day so I got to do my grocery shopping with no kids "helping" me. That is always a bonus. I also got to attend Kelen's class party. That was the fun part of my 2008 Valentine's Day.
The crappy: This should have been mom & dads 21st wedding anniversary. But instead mom was sad cuz dad's not here & I am down. Well, I think all us sisters are down today. Granted this was not my anniversary & I don't even want to imagine how today felt to mom, but I am still sad. I have been sad most of this week. Nevaeh & I went to the cemetary yesterday and then ate lunch at one of his favorite restaurants. This crappy little cafe that he used to take us to when we were kids. I really can't stand the place but I just had to go there. I also made dads tater tot casserole for dinner tonight. Looks like something you would find in a toddler diaper but it tastes awesome! Used organic lowfat ground sirloin rather than the usual ground "beef" dad would've used and I added some onion & fresh garlic when I browned the meat. Nevaeh used our cookie cutters to make the cheese fit in for our Valentines Day dinner, hence the heart shaped cheddar. The flowers are gorgeous and the only V-Day gift I received today. I'm not picky, they work for me. :)

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