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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President's Day

I ditched chemistry on Monday. The kids did not have school as it is a holiday. My college still had classes but I wanted to stay home with the I did. Of course I am regreting that today because I just read the chapter he went over in class and I am VERY confused. *scratching head & arse*

So anyhoo Kel, Neva & I slept in on the holiday. Well, to be honest, Nevaeh & I slept in while Kelen played his Nintendo DS. We got up and made a lovely little President's Day brunch. Organic english muffins with organic eggs, stone ground mustard & cheddar cheese. YUMMY!! The kids did not even notice that the mustard was on the sandwiches but trust me it makes them taste sooo much better. I stole that tip from my little sis L. *evil grin while twirling fu-manchu mustache* Of course she also puts cream cheese on them but I am trying to lose weight so I left that off. Both kids are getting tired of oranges but they were buy 1 5lb bag get 1 free so we have LOTS & LOTS more to eat.

I also bought some org. pomegranate juice and discovered that it tastes super good when mixed with OJ. Plus it has something like 4x the antioxidants as just plain o.j. Good for us and tastes awesome is always a plus. I may try buying some seltzer water & mixing it with that too.

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Anonymous said...

I still say I'm the one that taught you that with the mustard. M