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Thursday, December 27, 2007


What a beautiful day! We got 10 inches of snow on Christmas Day and now, two days later we are getting slammed with some more snow. They are saying 8 more inches but I am thinking maybe more than that. Woooohooooo!

My brother-in-law got sent home from work (which almost never happens-apparently the snow is bad enough to shut down the rig today) so he drove to my house and picked up the kids and I. He was worried about us being snowed in and possibly running out of food. My sister married a good man. So, now we are at her house, the kids just shoveled the driveway and are now making peppermint hot cocoa. Grandma is visiting from Michigan (she canceled her flight for today and is heading home next week instead). Monk & her husband & Vader are at Vader's first physical therapy appointment since her ACL Reconstruction.

I brought a new book to read and if we are lucky Kelens Nintendo DS will arrive today. I saw the UPS truck roaming the streets and I hope he gets to us today. I think I shall make beef stroganoff for dinner, that is a nice comforting cold weather food.

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