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Monday, October 01, 2007

Strawberry fields 'til the first frost

What a fun time we had at the Berry Patch Farm. Picking raspberries right off the bushes & popping them into our mouths. I forgot just how amazing a fresh raspberry tastes. They were so sweet I could have happily stayed there all day. But next we were off to the strawberry plants. Yum! These berries were so sweet. All of the kids had a blast learning how to pick the berries and Nevaeh was absolutely delighted to be picking with Grandma and Momma. She kept running back and forth between the two of us. She was so proud that we were both there with her on her special day.

We also went on a nature walk, wearing bug glasses with special lenses that gave us a bugs' eye view of the plants on the farm. We found butterflies, flies, bees, millers, ladybugs, spiders & some sort of crawling thing that I don't want to think about. We learned all about how the bugs' help the organic farmer with crop protection. Ladybugs eat aphids, bees pollinate plants & flowers, worms help w/ composting etc...

Turns out the farm is organic, which I did not know. Mom bought us both some unfiltered honey, roasted anaheim peppers & a quart of strawberries (that we picked). Delicious. I am so excited to find a local farm for buying the organic, unfiltered honey. The kids and I try to eat at least 1 spoonful of local honey everyday to help ward off seasonal allergies and yay! Now I found some that is organic and I can support our economy all at the same time. Woo hoo! Those little things really brighten up my day, ya know?

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