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Monday, October 01, 2007

rockin', rollin' & cub scoutin'

Kelen is once again in the Cub Scouts. These are a few of the activities from his first official den meeting as a Wolf scout. Looks like fun huh? The theme for September was trains so the boys made train tracks out of pretzel sticks, using frosting as the "glue". That was a delicious and fun part of the meeting. Then it was outside for tumbling time! The boys practiced somersaults (both front, back and from standing), walking on boards (front, back, fast & slow). Not that you can tell from these photos but I did finally get those darn patches sewed on his shirt. Well, sewing is a bit of a stretch. Ok, to say that I sewed the patches on would be an out and out lie. I bought the greatest sticky, no-sew stuff at the Scout store. It even has the patches (most of them) pre-outlined and perforated so I didn't even have to trace the little boogers onto the paper before cutting it out. This is amazing! Now, don't think I am too lazy. I still have to sew the patches onto his brag rag because the sticky stuff does not work right on the felt but I also bought myself some super-strong needles. The kind that are made to sew through leather, fur, tapestries etc...not even I can break those babies! Yeah!

As for the first picture, that is my Neva playing guitar. She really wants an electric guitar for Christmas, to which I have said no. Instead she is practicing on the guitar I bought Akira a while back. This will have to do for the time being. She looks like a natural doesn't she?

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