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Saturday, September 15, 2007

natural soda & free range chickens make for good dinner

My sis and current roommate, L and I are sick. So I made homemade chicken noodle soup from a free range chicken and many, many organic vegies. I also recently discovered this yummy natural soda which comes in many yummy flavors. I don't have to feel so guilty about letting my kids have pop if they drink this stuff. No caffeine, no artificial colors or preservatives, none of that ucky high fructose corn syrup. Yay for "healthy" soda. I know that is a bit of an oxymoron but it makes me feel a bit better about my mommying skills.

And while I am thinking about it, the crockpot is a busy, single momma's best friend. Well, that and a good vibrator but that is a whole other kettle o' fish. I can throw the ingredients into this bad boy and several hours if not a whole day later I have a healthy meal for my kids. Hooray!

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