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Sunday, September 02, 2007

bad day

So I did nothing today. Well not exactly "nothing". I did get up, shower and go to church. Then we were supposed to go to a bbq with some friends of moms but I could not find the place. By the time I got good directions I was more than halfway home, hot and cranky. I really did not want to be around people today anyway. So we got home and I fed the kids, you guessed it...ramen noodles and I crashed out on the couch while they watched "Oliver and Company". Thank God for Linda cuz I still just wasn't able to force myself awake at dinnertime and she fed the kids for me. Actually she fed me too and she helped Nevaeh to make some really awesome cupcakes. This is when I say, "Self, it is a very good thing you did not move to another state...who would feed your kids when you are too depressed to move?". Sure as hell not so-called friends that make big speeches about always being there for the kids and then they disappear from your lives.

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