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Monday, August 20, 2007

pity party

Seriously, when do these freaking mood swings go away!? I felt pretty darn good after going to see Dad and grandma. Dad is finally going to get his will taken care of which is great! monika and I managed not to kill each other or the kids while trapped in the car together for 24 hours. That is serious progress!

Now. I feel like crying again. Why? Cuz I am pitiful thats why.

-my flipping car is gonna cost around $1100 to fix
-I dropped my college classes because I have no money to pay for them and the rat bastards at the school screwed up my financial aid
-i have not had a cigarette and I really really really want one
-i have no boyfriend and no prospects
-get a call to go out but see the first complaint: i have no car and therefore no way to get downtown
-i miss dad and i can't get to the cemetary to visit him

this sucks!

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