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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

oh soooo happy and a little sad

That is how I felt today. School started today for Kelen and Nevaeh. Hooray!!! The bickering is no longer taking place in front of me all day long. I feel like skipping, seriously, I need to skip to release this joy.

Now the sad thing baby is in kindergarden. That was difficult. She is so darn independent. Dangit! That child is exactly like me. Crap. Once we got to the school she just marched on ahead of mom and I (Grandma Marlene walked her to school today too) looking like she was ready to take over. She is ready for "brubber" as she calls Kelen, to walk her to school without momma's help.

As for Kelen he is not quite as excited about the new school. He does not like the cafeteria, apparently it is too "white". Art class was not fun because they had to sit on stools that are "really uncomfortable" and they did not give him enough time to finish whatever it was he was making. Whatever he was making is top secret. Don't bother asking. Because if he tells you and he refused to tell me I will be an unhappy momma. :)

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