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Sunday, August 12, 2007

my day

What did I do today? Well, I forced myself to get out of bed this morning and I ran the stairs for 10 minutes. I really need to stop smoking. That lousy ten minutes almost killed me. I actually made it to church today, which was very good. I really needed to go. Ran into some friends of dads, one of his co-workers actually. They asked how all of us girls were doing, and mom. Said lots of people at Frontier have been asking him about mom and the girls. Apparently they are having (or did have) a bake sale and have a check (or will have) for mom, chelsey and kesha. That is so nice.

Met up with B & his friend Elizabeth and her son and nieces and nephews at the park. The kids had fun playing. It was so stinking hot though.

John, Monk & the kids stopped by and John took a look at my car. He wants to do a tune up before I take it in anywhere and get charged an arm and a leg. Maybe a tune up will do the trick. He said the engine is "jumping", basically not running right and it is as if the car simply isn't getting enough power. Still sounds like the frigging transmission to me but it would be wonderful if a tune up could fix the problem. Monika and I tried to explain my curse to John but he did not seem to believe us. I truly am cursed when it comes to cars. They HATE me. Dad knew this was true. He would've gotten a big kick out of the car giving me this grief. That made me a bit sad. Dad always took care of my cars, well, he always did most of it but made me help fix the darn things and now he can't do that anymore. These are the little things that keep sneaking up on me and making me want to go back to bed and not get up again.

I was not up to cooking tonight so we just had brats & french fries. Linda did make some chocolate chip cookies though and the kids loved those!

Now that it has stopped lightning outside I think I will run up to the cemetary. Well, first I gotta get the kids out of their showers, read their story and tuck them in...but then I am off to the cemetary.

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