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Monday, July 16, 2007

now what?

So we have gotten Mom home. Yay! Dad's body is arriving via Continental Airlines tomorrow at 8pm. Frontier is going to do something very special for Dad and our family which I find absolutely amazing. We managed to pick a funeral home, we know which cemetary Dad wants to be buried in and we just need to pick a spot. He wants the closest one to his best friend Tuck. Mom picked one out but she forgot to ask if there were two plots available. I pointed out that we needed to check on this as I was pretty sure she wanted to be buried next to Dad. :) That kind of lightened our mood at the funeral home.

B has been absolutely wonderful, helping us out. Keeping me sane, answering phones, watching Kelen & Neva & just lots of stuff like that.

So far, we (the kids) are getting along pretty well. I am surprised at that as this is such a STRESSFUL and insane situation. Jake & Simone have been great, working with mom & us girls to take care of what needs to be done. I have to admit I was a little unsure of how that whole situation was going to play out and personally, I think we each deserve a pat on the back. Losing the one person that held us together, this could have gotten extremely ugly. Thank God that is not the case.

Tomorrow morning I need to go to the church to make some arrangements for the service, call and check on the life insurance, go to the funeral home (w/ mom, linda, monika, jake & simone) to finalize those plans, contact someone at Coors to let Dads old work buddies know about him, try again to track down Mike & Mary Willard etc...B and I are going to escape for a little while in the afternoon. We both need some death & funeral free time.

All I know is that this really sucks! I am going to start getting my own funeral plans in order because I'll be damned if I want my family to have to go through this crap!

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