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Saturday, July 07, 2007

apartment shopping

Well, I got an email from my cousin Marcy. (She has been keeping our 2 cats for us as Tom, my roommate is deathly allergic). Those darn cats are acting up, peeing on the floors and being little buggers. Anyway, B and I went and looked at 3 apartments today and I think I found one that I like. I also got the numbers for 3 or 4 duplexes that I am going to call on tomorrow or Monday. So, it looks like the kids' and I are going to be moving again after all. Unfortunately this is going to impact our trip to Texas and Georgia. SUCK!! I will have to figure out our money situation before making any definite plans to travel. The cost of gas and food once we are down there are going to be the biggest pitfalls.

And on a totally different topic...The kids and I were wrestling tonight before bedtime (as we tend to do most nights) when Kelen started wrestling with B; Kel decided to screw around and kept calling B 'daddy'. He was doing it on purpose, that little instigator. Anyway, when I was tucking the kids into bed I talked to him about it and told him that I know he misses his Daddy but that trying to freak B out is not going to make his sadness go away. I explained (yet again) that B is NOT Daddy and is NOT trying to be his daddy and that this is ok. Kelen started to cry and cry because he "really misses Daddy". This set Nevaeh off too.

AUGHHHHH!!! When is this going to end? Will it ever end? Will I ever figure out how to handle all of this without further traumatizing and screwing up my kids'?

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