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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

The kids and I are having a cookout today. Right now, I am making their lunch. Well, actually Neva & I are making lunch while Kelen is helping make the cucumber salad. We bought stuff for hamburgers & hotdogs for later. Seeing as it is holiday, I even let the kids get some punch. Pure sugar crap. I am not gonna make them drink healthy juice today. Why bother?

Chelsey & Kesha are going to spend the night as Dad is overnighting in Tulsa and Mom is on a flight somewhere. I gotta pick them up around 2pm. We can walk to the local elementary school to watch the fireworks once it gets dark.

I wish I could post pictures but I have still not found my box that contains all the cords for my cameras. That really sucks.

Anyway, I hope everybody has a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

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