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Sunday, June 10, 2007


OH MY GOSH!! I am so tired.

I helped Dad move his stove & his bowflex workout machine to his new house.

Dad, Kelen and I just went down to the basement/cellar and pulled out the rest of my stuff. I helped Dad drag his stuff closer to the stairs but he did not want me to bring it up because my stupid allergies were attacking me from all the dust and mold downstairs. I was choking constantly. Stupid allergies.

Then I moved a bunch of boxes and tubs I had sitting in the living room out into the garage and started stacking them out there. Then I went upstairs and brought down 13 boxes of books, 1 suitcase filled with craft stuff and 1 big box of school stuff (books, papers, notebooks etc...). I have started packing my jewelry and I need to go back up there and finish that. I also want to finish packing my state pigs and take that darn desk apart. Kelen really wants to take his bunkbed apart but I have a feeling I am wayyyy too tired to actually do that. I do intend to pack Kelen's overnight bag to take to the hotel and to bring the kids' clothes that are packed downstairs. Maybe, if I get my second wind I will pack my overnight bag too. Urgh!

I really dislike moving!

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