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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

stinkin' technology

I officially loathe computers. I spent an hour and a half in the computer lab at school working on my asl journal and accompanying paper. I was saving every 15 minutes and everything was going smoothly until I tried to email the paper as an attachment. The computer got some sort of a stinkin' error which did a bit of hocus pocus and switched all my text into stinkin' korean! Yep, korean. Now, I can read a bit of spanish and I am learning to communicate in asl and I am fluent as a native 'american english' speaker but I don't know a single thing about korean. Stinkin' computer! The goober "working" in the computer lab didn't have a clue what to do and I lost all that work. That stinks! Now I am home after going to the library with Kelen trying to help him research his paper on Burmese pythons. Neva is playing quietly also doing her "homework" (coloring). Kelen is reading to me and I am about to start doing some more trig. The kids just emptied the dishwasher, most of it anyway and rinsed the plates they used for their Little Caesers pizza and salad. Very healthy I know. Both kids' are loving momma being so busy studying because they are eating out constantly or getting to eat ramen noodles and salad for dinner. I don't cook or do dishes when I am coming up on finals. Call it prioritizing.

Currently listening to: "Highwayman" by Willie Nelson in the background and Kelen reading "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone"

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