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Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm Freeeeee!

I am a free woman! woohoo!!! I took my last final Thursday afternoon. I think I did pretty good but won't know for sure until Tuesday when our grades are posted. I did go and check with my trig professor and I got an 'A' on the final. Yay! With that grade and my homework grades I actually pulled off a 'B' in the class. I have never worked so hard in my life for a 'B'. Actually, I have never had to work for a 'b' so I guess mom is right and God has used this to teach me to appreciate how easily good grades have always come to me. I am just so happy to not have anymore school. The kids are really excited that momma will be paying some attention to them finally. I spent all day Friday cleaning my living room and dining room and managed to do all the laundry and get the house vacuumed. Today we cleaned (swept & mopped) the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom. My house is actually decent looking again. It amazes me how much work has to be done to keep this place clean. I am about to head down to that horrid cellar to start dragging more tubs and boxes upstairs so that I can go through them. I am having a yard sale next weekend and trying to get all the stuff we won't be taking to Colorado in a storage unit. It is a gorgeous spring day and I have no more school! Yay!

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