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Thursday, May 03, 2007

1 down 2 to go

So I was at school by 7:30 this morning. I have a trig chapter 10 quiz on Monday, which we reviewed a little bit for today. Then I met a few girls from my sign class at 10 am and we studied until our 12:30pm class. So I took my sign final and I do believe I only missed two signs. Two signs out of 40 is pretty darn good! I am so glad that is over with. After that a few of us went to the tutoring center and studied for 2 hours for next weeks written final. Then Michelle and I went to dinner. Thai food. Quite yummy. She and I sat and talked for 2 hours! I did not realize how long we had been there until her husband called and asked if she was ever coming home. Oops. It was worth it though. We both really needed to just relax and not think about any classes for awhile. This weekend is all about trigonometry, chapter 10 and possibly a little bit of orientation to deafness studying. But mostly trig.

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