Healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy mothering. This is the journey I have set out on with my two amazing children.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have just got so much stuff running through my head today. Stupid insomnia is back. I have gotten around 3 hours of sleep per night for the last 4 nights and that is just not ok. Kelen went to the hospital today to get an MRI and that was a lot more emotionally draining for me than I had expected. Two different friends called me with some major life situations facing them that need constant prayer. Nevaeh was acting up this afternoon, probably a combination of Dad not giving her a nap and momma being gone for most of the day. Nagging, constant thoughts/worries about my upcoming mammogram are bugging me. I am still trying to pack up the house and I feel like I am getting nowhere fast with that. It is hot and muggy which means I am sticky and sweaty and ya'll know how much I hate that. I cannot wait to get home. Two weeks, well, just over two weeks. Thank you God! I can't wait to see mom, monika, linda, the kids, b and marissa. I feel like my whole life is there waiting for me, this past 18 months has been so hard, being away from my friends and family. Now if I could only get Tia to live closer...

Friday, May 25, 2007

not now

Blurgh. I went to the doctor today for my yearly check up. Will get the results of the pap next week, same as always. When she checked my breasts she found more lumps. Nothing new there either. She has ordered a mammogram on June 5th. She ordered an ultrasound on June 6th. And she has scheduled me to see the surgeon on June 12th. I just don't want to even deal with this again. I do appreciate the doctors help though. I waited in the office for an hour while her scheduler pulled some strings to make sure that I am seen before I move June 15th. I told Dr. K that I will not have insurance once I get to Colorado so it is a good thing that I am getting all of this out of the way while I am still here in Michigan. But of course, because it is me, I am handling this the same way I always do. I am tired and I want to climb into bed and snuggle with my daughter and go to sleep. That is just not an option. I have so much packing to do, and there are two baskets of laundry that need to be folded, and a dishwasher that needs to be emptied, not to mention the two sinks full of dirty dishes that need to be washed. So my answer to everything on my mind is...NOT NOW! Need to think about some stuff...NOT NOW. Want to lay down and sleep...NOT NOW. Want to call Tia or B or my sisters or Marissa and cry...NOT NOW. Want to, want to, want to, need to, need to, need to...NOT NOW!

Monday, May 21, 2007

to do list

1. exercise DONE 12:37PM
2. shower DONE 2:25PM
3. do laundry STARTED 11:45AM DONE 05-22 3:00PM
4. read my bible DONE 2:45PM
5. pack pictures 1 BOX DONE 8:00PM
6. pack stereo & cds CDS DONE 05-23 10:00PM
7. take the rest of the garage sale stuff to Goodwill 1ST LOAD IN CAR 1:24PM DROPPED OFF 4:30PM THIS IS AN ONGOING PROCESS AND WILL NEVER ACTUALLY BE DONE
8. go to fabric store & get fabric to make/cover the leaves for my 'Last Supper' table DONE 4:50PM
9. figure out what to make for dinner and take the meat out of the freezer DONE 1:30PM (we're having sauteed chicken breasts w/ sundried tomatoes)
10. watch 'Dancing With the Stars' DONE 9:00PM
11. water plants DONE 6:38PM
12. clean bathroom DONE 05/22 12:00PM
13. empty dishwasher, wash dishes DONE 11:50AM
14. call Budget & reserve truck DONE, ACTUALLY SWITCHED TO PENSKE 5/27/07 4PM
15. talk to landlady about staying one extra day, Dad says if we get the truck loaded we can crash at his place to get some sleep before taking off NEVERMIND. I WILL BE DONE BY MIDNIGHT 14TH
16. find out from mom, what day she can come & get the kids DONE 9:30PM
17. get info on sedation for kitties CATS ARE RIDING WITH ME NOT FLYING NOW
18. take kelen to chiropractor CANX
19. empty dressers that are upstairs for Dad. All 3 belong to him. 1ST DRESSER DONE 5/26 5PM
20. go to post office, mail cards DONE 12:38PM
21. clear off and pack upstairs desk STARTED 5/27 BUT NOT QUITE DONE YET
23. pack medicine cabinet & xtra bath stuff I don't use all the time
24. tear down bunkbeds
25. pack kids toys
26. clear out kitchen 2 BOXES DONE 6/10
27. clean off/out refrigerator MAGNETS & PAPERS OFF FRIDGE 6/10
28. remove legs from buffet
29. clean out fish tank WTF am I gonna do with my fish?
30. change oil in car DONE 6/8 11:30AM
31. close out savings account-get travelers checks
32. pick up truck at penske
33. go to vets & get cat shot records

Ok. This list is not in any sort of 'to do' order and obviously I am not going to get all of this done today. actually I think I will keep adding to the list as I remember new stuff to do during the next days/weeks. I am off to start laundry and then exercise.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nevaeh's birthday

So my little Neva Grace has turned 5 years old! I cannot believe it. I really cannot seem to wrap my mind around the fact that she is going to be in kindergarten this fall. It seems like she was just born yesterday. Actually it seems like Kelen was just born as well. Goodness. Anyway, she had a lot of fun yesterday. We had princess cupcakes with her friends (they had little heart and star shaped rings in them), we went and saw Shrek 3, went to McDonalds for dinner and she blew out her candles that we put in a Hersheys sundae pie from Burger king. This is what she wanted. :) Silly girl. She got a princess dress up gift from memaw and papaw and she slept last night with the dress hanging down from brothers bunk, right by her head. She is currently wearing the lace gloves and I think, 5 rings on her fingers. She also got a pink unicorn (like those stick horses, but its a unicorn) which she is petting while watching a dragon movie with brother. Doodlebops CD, outdoors chalk, playdough and a dora playdough kit, beach towel and swim shoes, monopoly jr. and a new bike. The child is not wanting for anything.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm Freeeeee!

I am a free woman! woohoo!!! I took my last final Thursday afternoon. I think I did pretty good but won't know for sure until Tuesday when our grades are posted. I did go and check with my trig professor and I got an 'A' on the final. Yay! With that grade and my homework grades I actually pulled off a 'B' in the class. I have never worked so hard in my life for a 'B'. Actually, I have never had to work for a 'b' so I guess mom is right and God has used this to teach me to appreciate how easily good grades have always come to me. I am just so happy to not have anymore school. The kids are really excited that momma will be paying some attention to them finally. I spent all day Friday cleaning my living room and dining room and managed to do all the laundry and get the house vacuumed. Today we cleaned (swept & mopped) the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom. My house is actually decent looking again. It amazes me how much work has to be done to keep this place clean. I am about to head down to that horrid cellar to start dragging more tubs and boxes upstairs so that I can go through them. I am having a yard sale next weekend and trying to get all the stuff we won't be taking to Colorado in a storage unit. It is a gorgeous spring day and I have no more school! Yay!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

1 down 2 to go

So I was at school by 7:30 this morning. I have a trig chapter 10 quiz on Monday, which we reviewed a little bit for today. Then I met a few girls from my sign class at 10 am and we studied until our 12:30pm class. So I took my sign final and I do believe I only missed two signs. Two signs out of 40 is pretty darn good! I am so glad that is over with. After that a few of us went to the tutoring center and studied for 2 hours for next weeks written final. Then Michelle and I went to dinner. Thai food. Quite yummy. She and I sat and talked for 2 hours! I did not realize how long we had been there until her husband called and asked if she was ever coming home. Oops. It was worth it though. We both really needed to just relax and not think about any classes for awhile. This weekend is all about trigonometry, chapter 10 and possibly a little bit of orientation to deafness studying. But mostly trig.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

stinkin' technology

I officially loathe computers. I spent an hour and a half in the computer lab at school working on my asl journal and accompanying paper. I was saving every 15 minutes and everything was going smoothly until I tried to email the paper as an attachment. The computer got some sort of a stinkin' error which did a bit of hocus pocus and switched all my text into stinkin' korean! Yep, korean. Now, I can read a bit of spanish and I am learning to communicate in asl and I am fluent as a native 'american english' speaker but I don't know a single thing about korean. Stinkin' computer! The goober "working" in the computer lab didn't have a clue what to do and I lost all that work. That stinks! Now I am home after going to the library with Kelen trying to help him research his paper on Burmese pythons. Neva is playing quietly also doing her "homework" (coloring). Kelen is reading to me and I am about to start doing some more trig. The kids just emptied the dishwasher, most of it anyway and rinsed the plates they used for their Little Caesers pizza and salad. Very healthy I know. Both kids' are loving momma being so busy studying because they are eating out constantly or getting to eat ramen noodles and salad for dinner. I don't cook or do dishes when I am coming up on finals. Call it prioritizing.

Currently listening to: "Highwayman" by Willie Nelson in the background and Kelen reading "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone"