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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival

The kids and I went to the syrup festival this afternoon. We had so much fun! The kids rode all sorts of rides, which is what almost all of the pictures are of. They had a blast on the bumper cars. Neva loved the roller coaster. Kelen rode it once with her but then decided he didn't like it. After that Nevaeh got in line all by herself. There was another little girl in line who didn't have anyone to ride with so Neva just took her by the hand and they rode together! So sweet. Now the kids are all hopped up on elephant ears and candy and pop. Too bad Papa! Momma is going to bible study tonight. Heehee.

As for me, a good lookin' tattooed man on a Harley offered me a ride but like the good Christian girl I am...I said no. Kelen told him "my momma can't go with you, where would me and sissy sit?" That did make me think how much I miss riding on the back of a motorcycle. It has been way too many years. Too many years since I have been riding and too many years since I have gotten a new tattoo. After writing that I can just imagine what some of you are thinkin'. What a horrible example for those kids! Tattoos and motorcycles! What kind of a mother is she?!? Let me add some fuel to that fire and say that Neva went up to a total stranger and told her that she really liked her tattoo. (The woman had a dragon wrapped around her lower leg, an absolutely gorgeous piece of ink). This led Nevaeh and I to a discussion of when she could get a tattoo. I told her, as I always do, that she has to be 18 years old and out of high school. Kelen didn't seem to care about all the tats, he was more interested in the piercings. Apparently he can't wait until he can get something pierced. Him liking that particular body modification did not come from me.

Prepare yourselves all ye conservative family members! My little ones shall be full of holes and ink!

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