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Monday, April 30, 2007

Trig test

Ok. I got the results of my trig test today. i got another C+. But this time I am happy about it. i got a 39 on the test (78%) while the class average was 36 (72%). So, while this is definitely NOT a good score I am doing ok. Again i made stupid errors that just tick me off. I need about 20 more minutes in the class and then I could go back and check my calculations. I am setting up most of the problems correctly but i do a subtraction error or multiplication error resulting in an incorrect final answer. SUCK! i also lost 3 points because i did not have time to finish the final problem. Mr. Petry did give me 1/4 points for that problem because i started setting up the problem on my scratch paper. yay for Mr. Petry!

Anyway, i am just killing time waiting for my study buddy (Kirk) to get out of his last am class so i can help him study for his algebra final. Don't they say that one of the best ways to master a subject is to teach it to others? Hmmm...we shall see if that works.

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