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Friday, April 20, 2007


Hooray! It is another gorgeous spring day. Feels pretty warm outside, I have the front door open so there is a nice, cool stream of fresh air flowing through the house. Nevaeh and I dragged up the giant tub filled with summer clothes. I love seeing how much the kids have grown since last summer. It amazes me. So far only Nevaeh has tried on the clothes but we already have quite a pile for our yard sale next month. I know Kelen has grown quite a bit so I have a feeling I am going to be shopping for summer clothes for him. Nevaeh doesn't need much, she still has so many clothes that Anakin and Akira have given her. I can hear the washing machine chugging away and Nevaeh is playing quietly under the dining room table with one of the cats. Soon, Neva and I are going to the park for a picnic lunch. We are taking the soccer ball, basketball and I believe, she wants to play badminton also. :) She is waiting patiently for momma because I told her we could not leave until we had sorted through the summer clothes, done 2 loads of laundry and packed 1-2 more boxes upstairs in our bedrooms. At this rate I will be all packed and ready to move home the day Kelen gets out of school! Yay! Colorado here we come!

Currently listening to: Nevaeh humming to the cat

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