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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

She's a big girl now

My little Nevaeh can now ride her bike without training wheels. She was determined to be able to ride her bike with the big kids in the neighborhood and now she can. Papa took the training wheels off and it took her about one hour, plenty of crashes and a few tears but now she can ride her bike. After a really big wipeout today she told me she was glad I made her wear a helmet and she asked to wear her brothers elbow and knee pads because she did a really good job scraping them up.

I told mom about this today and she reminded me that I didn't know how to ride a bike until I was 9 years old. That turned into a discussion about my lack of athletic ability. Mom says it wasn't that I couldn't ride a bike but more that I wouldn't. She said that around that time her and Dale (Linda's dad) and the other kids liked to go for bike rides and as I didn't like Dale (at the time-sorry but I was a HUGE brat!) and not riding was my way of controlling things. Now who would ever think of ME as being controlling!?! :) This of course reminded us both of how I used to LOVE to play soccer. I was also really good, believe it or not. Mom took me off the team though after reading about kids getting blood clots and strokes etc...from being kicked. I was always covered in bruises because I was an aggressive player. I told her if she took me off the team I would never do any sports again, and I really haven't ever since. How sad is that? I really was (am?) a stubborn little monster.

Hmmm. I wonder if that is where my Neva Grace gets this lovely attitude of hers?

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