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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

my world keeps tilting

Have you ever noticed how one little word can drive you crazy? I have had a hard day, just a bit stressed out. Studying for my trig test, entertaining the kids (who are on spring break). Mom is gonna fly out here to kick my ass if I send R's blanket per his moms' request. Nevaeh almost cried because she doesn't want to send daddys blanket away. She sleeps with it almost everyday. That is why mom doesn't want me to send the blanket to R's grandma.

anyway, I got off topic. After the day I had, I talked to B for over an hour and was in a really great mood. He always cheers me up, even when he isn't trying. And then I get on the computer and start reading a few things and BOOM!!! I read one stupid word that just deflates me. How pitiful am I? What is the word? Well, I am not gonna tell you that. Some of you may be able to figure it out, as you know what I have been struggling with for the past month or so.
Still it sucks that a day can be great, smooth, overall really rather lovely and then one tiny, little word can suck all the loveliness away. Here are just a few examples:

cancer divorce dead cheater fight money debt overdue test dementia struggle her him we have to talk unimportant patronizing callous unwanted unloved

sheesh! how pathetic am i?
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