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Monday, April 02, 2007

frustrated day 2

ARGH!! I think I am losing my mind!
The kids have been sent to take a nap because they were arguing, bickering, fighting non-stop. Once this escalated into hitting each other I sent them to bed. Are they too old for naps? Perhaps but the other option was for me to scream at the top of my lungs and that is definitely not the best solution. So now my house is quiet.

The only problem math teacher has not posted todays homework online yet. We have problems that have to be done on the computer and then we know which problems we have to do in our gigantic books. I have been checking the site every 30 minutes for the past 4 hours and he has yet to post the homework. Now, normally this would simply be aggravating. Today though it is an actual problem. We need the homework for the last 2 sections of chapter 5 which are both due tomorrow at 8am. The next day (wednesday) we have our chapter 5 test. I am going to be such a raging witch in class if I get stuck doing 2 sections of homework AND studying for this test tomorrow night because he forgot to post the homework. So, the point is...I have a quiet house, time to do my homework but can't access said work. I left Mr. Petry a message at school and at home but if he does not post til he gets home then we can't even start the work until 6pm. That is dinnertime which means I am doing trig at 8pm (once dinner and dishes are done). Two sections is about 4 hours of work.

Can anybody remind me why I thought college and taking care of my family at the same time were not only possible but a good idea?

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