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Thursday, April 05, 2007

First random words

1. Beer: blech
2. Anorexic: hungry
3. Relationships: difficult
4. Your Last Ex: dead
5. Power Rangers: cheesy
6. Pot: green and smelly
7. Clowns: send in the...
8. Color: in people unimportant, on walls...necesarry
9. The President: jackass
10. Sex: i miss it
11. Cars: a royal pain in the patootie
12. Gas Prices: are here to stay...quit yer bitchin!
13. Halloween: my favorite holiday! fun fun fun
14. Bon Jovi: slippery when wet
15. Religion: destroys peace
16. Myspace: good for keeping in touch with me hermanas
17. Worst fear: not living up to my potential
18. Marriage: was a joke
19. Paris Hilton: slut
20. Brunettes: we rock!
21. Redheads: all redheaded men are sexy!
22: Politics: waste of time and money
23: Pass the time: with good music and a good book
24. One night stands: no longer worth the hassle
25: Cell Phone: my lifeline to colorado where my life is
27: Pixie Stix: nasty colored sugar
28. Vanilla Ice Cream: only good with caramel or strawberries on top of it
29: Port a Potties: smell horrid
30: High School: over a decade ago
31. Pajamas: comfy
32. Wood: i love the smell of a wood burning fireplace
33. Wet Socks: feel awful in your shoes
34. Alcohol: preferably something with vodka, thank you
35. HATE: too many things to list
36. Your best friends: rissa and linda
37. Money: the best things in life are free...but you can give them to the birds and the bees...i want money...that's what i want (Can you name the band?)
38. Heartache: i've had a few
39. Love: is amazing if you both work at it
40. Time: needs to speed up so it'll be June and I can be home in Colorado

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