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Monday, April 02, 2007


What I did today.
-Up at 5:30am to work out and get ready for school.
-Start a load of clothes. Take out the trash. Feed cats & fish.
-On the road by 7am, attend trig from 8:10-9:15am
-Home at 10am. Make breakfast for myself. Empty dishwasher and wash breakfast dishes (mine as well as dads & the kids)
-Homework for Deafness class. Call every ob/gyn in the Lansing phone book.
-Make lunch for kids. Stop their fighting, send them to take naps.
-Clean fish tank (40 mins)
-Clean kids' bedroom. Sort through toys, pack all their books. Sweep and mop bedroom floor. Make their beds with new sheets & blankets. This takes about 5 hours. They are losing their toys until we move because they won't take care of their stuff.
-Sort, wash, dry & fold 4 more loads of laundry.
-Help Neva w/ her shower, get her ready for bed. (35 mins)
-Online math homework (45 mins)
-Math book work (7:30pm-11:35pm)

So you tell me, mr condescending smarty-pants. Where is all this free time that I supposedly have? What with me not working and all. Single mom of 2, college student, caretaker for dad...of course I have a completely open schedule. I don't "really work" do I?


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