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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another day in paradise

That is how I feel. Everyone else seems down, feeling blah because it is cloudy and rainy. But not me, I am loving this weather! No heat to make my brain hurt. Perfect weather to walk in, as long as you have an umbrella or don't mind rain spots on your glasses. Personally, today i brought an umbrella because i don't want my hair to be dripping all over me during classes. Then it drips on my papers and I get annoyed. Today I am all about avoiding the little things that annoy me. I took my chapter 7-8 test in trig and I think i did ok. I know I screwed up on two problems that were worth a combined 8% of my total score but if he gives me partial credit for the work I did get done then I may actually get a B on this test. Of course, I have thought that before and then I got my usual C's so...we shall wait and see. I am about to head to the cafeteria to meet a friend to study for our sign language final. I also need to remember to cancel my chiropractor appointment for tomorrow morning because kelen is doing a story presentation in front of his class and i have been invited to watch. This weekend is going to be set aside for studying for the final in my class on deaf culture. I will be signing whenever I am talking so I know that will drive some people nuts. Oh well, is my thought on that. Close your eyes if you don't want to see me sim-comming. (And yes sim-comming has an actual meaning for those who don't know much about interpreting-Its not another one of my crazy made up words).

Two more weeks of school after today. So if I am even more short tempered than usual please forgive me. I will try very hard not to behave like a total lunatic during this last rush of papers, journals, studying and finals. Also if you do not hear from me or I am sending your phone calls straight to voice mail, please do not take it personally. There are going to be some days where I will only accept phone calls from Jesus Himself. I wonder what area code He would call from?

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