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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Quadratic functions, vernors & sponge bob. What do these have in common?

Kelen has the flu. Yuck. He woke up very very early saturday am (like 2am) and told me his stomach was hurting. He did not have a fever so I just had him crawl into my bed and snuggle up with me and a big ol' bowl (just in case). Well unfortunately that bowl came in handy around 3:30am. The puking started. Once he woke up Saturday am he had a fever. Now we were supposed to help out with the boy scout food pick up but obviously that could not happen. Kelen tried to tell me he was feeling better around 11am but that was because he wanted to spend the day with his friend Griffin. I let him go outside to play (to prove a point) and sure enough he came back in to lay on the couch within 5 mins.

As a single parent something basic like running to the grocery store for Vernors and Pepto Bismol is a serious hassle when one of the kids is sick. Dad was home napping and Kelen seemed to be feeling ok so I decided to dash to the store for supplies. I come back home and my boy is crying because he threw up again and I was not there. AUGHHHH!! These are the things that make me want to cry.

Poor baby! It is a beautiful weekend, warm enough outside to wear shorts and tshirts and he is laying on the couch, wrapped up in a fleece blanket, shivering and watching "Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery channel. Wait, nevermind now he wants to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. Woo hoo! That is just what i want to listen to while studying for an algebra II final.

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