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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

great day

Today is an absolutely great day! The sun is shining AND it is warm outside, for the first time since November. I am almost finished with my online math homework and it is not quite 3 o'clock. I went to a movie. Saw the 300. Great, great, great movie! Actually I may go see it again. Yes, it is that good. Beautiful cinematography, and considering that it is mostly special effects that really impressed me. I almost never like cg backgrounds but this one blew my mind! Of course there was a lot of blood and a few decapitations, just like I had heard but really it was not gratuitous violence. Like I told Linda, what do people expect to see when watching a war movie? They fought with spears and swords so I don't expect to see paper cuts. I (as always) wish they had left out the usual Hollywood sex scenes and boob shots. Seriously, how many different ways are there to see breasts people?

My house is quiet. Dad is not home. Yay me! I have an entire hour before I have to pick up Kelen and Nevaeh. I got the ok for Neva to go to daycare 2 extra days next week while Dad is in Vegas. I have lost 2 pants sizes and tomorrow is payday. Seriously, this is such a great day!

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