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Saturday, March 03, 2007


My kids have cats. They each have one cat, given to them by Nana S (their fathers ex stepmom). B has asked me to move to wherever he gets a job (right now he is thinking Minnesota) but unfortunately he is allergic to cats. I have been trying to prepare my kids for the fact that the cats are going to have to go. This morning, Kelen was just sobbing at the thought of giving away Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear being his cat. Anyone who is a mother knows that it physically hurts the momma to see her child hurting, whether it is physical or emotional hurt. That doesn't matter. Point is, my baby was/is hurting. He is already grieving for this dang cat. I wanted to shout out "Nevermind! We can keep the kitty, just please don't cry baby. It'll be ok. Momma will make it better." But I can't do that can I?

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