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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Can you do the sohcahtoa?

So Mr. Petry teaches us this Mnemonic (not to be confused with pneumonic) in an attempt to quicken the memorization of the 6 basic trigonometric functions.

SOHCAHTOA sew-kuhh-toe-uh

Sin=opposite over hypotenuse
cos=adjacent over hypotenuse
tan=opposite over adjacent

And then you just have to remember that csc, sec and cot are the reciprocals. Ok. Sounds fairly simple.


So Mr. Petry goes on to draw a diagram of a tree on the chalkboard and a little stick person standing 40ft from the base of the tree. He tells us that we assume the tree grows perpendicular to the ground (which is perfectly flat) and that we are assuming the angle of the stick person to the top of the tree to be 70 degrees.
Now he says:
"Stacey. What is the height of the tree?"

So you have to picture me sitting at my table, tongue sticking out slightly (which I know I do when I am thinking hard) and I am reciting in my head
'SOHCAHTOA. If I have the angle and I have the A (adjacent) which is 40 ft and I need
the opposite...

"Stacey what is the height of the tree?"
"uhhhhhh just a minute Mr. Petry I am sohcahtoa-ing." SOHCAHTOAING?!?!?
The entire class bursts out in laughter. I can't believe I said that out loud.

I am such a goober.

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