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Thursday, March 22, 2007

baby mania

It's probably not what you are thinking.

I am so excited about this oral presentation for my "orientation to deafness" class. We chose our own topic (which is always better than being assigned some crap you couldn't care less about). I have decided to speak about the options deaf women have when it comes to their pregnancies and labor and deliveries. Now, for those of you who know me well, you understand that childbirth fascinates me. I AM going to be a midwife (someday).

Well, it is just sad how few options deaf women have when it comes to controlling their labor and deliveries. There are just not a lot of OB/GYNs who are fluent in ASL. Most women have to use an interpreter for their medical appointments and this includes pregnancy related visits. Can you imagine that!? Personally I didn't like even my husband seeing me all strapped into the stirrups let alone some total stranger. And yes, you can request a specific interpreter but as it is the doctors job to secure and pay for the interpreting services usually the patient gets stuck with whomever is available and accepts the job.

Ok-if I were an interpreter I would have no qualms about these kinds of visits. But again, I am not squeamish about childbirth. I have no problem with the examinations, the words that go along with it: cervix, vaginal exam, speculum, stirrups, mucus plug, effacement, bloody you get my point here? Now be honest with yourself, how many of you were cringing upon reading those words? So how many interpreters do you think would refuse this type of job?

I am so excited to get started on my actual research. All I have so far is an outline but I do have a list of several people to contact. But, my algebra II final is on Monday so this weekend is all about studying for that. Tuesday though...look out! I will be annoying every OB/GYN that is listed in the Lansing phone book!

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Anonymous said...

i loved reading every one of these; it's almost like your journals? something you would have killed me for reading when you were 15. the pic's of our precious grandchildren were a special blessing i might add. i loved your synopsis on deaf women and child birth; like you i don't cringe at the terminology or the beauty of natural childbirth. so maybe i did pass something of value down to you. i've been praying extra for you. i'm sorry that life can be such a crap pile at times. try try try to focus on HE who allowed the trial and not on the people in the trials themselves. i'm praying extra for you to learn what HE has for you specefically with your dad and bryan and move on. GOD is so faithful honey and HE will provide more companionship and close friendship than any person could ever do. i love you. don't know how to set this up for myself; but may look at it in april if i have time. this seems much easier to use than myspace? not sure just seems less cluttered to me. i love you more than you may ever know.
love mom
thank you for including me in your blog page and i love the name you chose; it's so you; but remember apart and even more important than being mom to 2 precious ramon's you are the daughter of THE LIVING GOD :)