Healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy mothering. This is the journey I have set out on with my two amazing children.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

kids are grieving


Well, the kids have started their swimming lessons. They love them of course! I went to start the process of getting social security for the kids today. That was very difficult. All we need to wait for is R's w2's. I think SSA contacted his work for that information. Anyway, the kids are doing ok. Nevaeh still has a bit of regression, wetting herself, whining etc...but Kelen is doing a lot better than I had expected. He is VERY clingy and scared that I will also die in an accident of some sort. We just pray about his fears and I let him snuggle with me whenever he is feeling down. I really do believe they both will be alright. It will just take some time.